Fix Your Shoulder Pain – Simple Shoulder Solution

Fix Your Shoulder Pain - Simple Shoulder SolutionClick Image To Visit SiteI used to think exactly like those people. I figured I just had “bad shoulders,” and tried to learn to live with it…

Little did I know, learning to ‘live with it” puts you on the fast track to being trapped in a physical prison.

The lack of understanding when it comes to shoulder function makes it so people actually create MORE DAMAGE when they are trying to rehab the shoulder.

Conventional wisdom says if you have a messed up shoulder, you should stretch it, and increase mobility so it functions better.

But which part of the shoulder, exactly? The shoulder is made up of FIVE KEY COMPONENTS–and if these aren’t ALL functioning properly, you have no chance at solving your problem.

In my 10+ year career in corrective exercise, I have seen so many failed attempts at shoulder rehabilitation and strengthening. Hell, I went through it myself. There is nothing more frustrating than doing everything in your power, dedicating lots of time and energy, and achieving no (or negative) results.

Today I’m going to teach you how the shoulder ACTUALLY works, what the key players are, and how to approach strengthening it to a level that is indestructible. The Secret to this method is the systematic correction of the key players, and the smooth reintegration into the ideal compound movements. Then, the safe and progressive climb toward more advanced strength and mobility exercises.

The most common mistake a person can make (and boy do a lot of people make this one) is to focus on stretching the glenohumeral joint only.

The Glenohumeral Joint is already the MOST MOBILE JOINT IN YOUR ENTIRE BODY…so what happens when you try to stretch it MORE? You actually create what’s called joint instability. You see, your joints actually require two things… Read more…

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