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Yoga and Love -Click Image To Visit SiteWe hardly get to see the concepts you have presented in your product. It isn’t even two different words, Yoga and Love are the same. Yoga is about being in alignment with your breath, with your soul and from that comes love. It is not something complex, it just makes sense. What’s love? You just feel better, you are into your truth, your satya. Once you feel that, you spread it

Anything to do with Yoga & Love is like perfection. You and Deypika are examples of that living. You exemplify it which is different; you don’t talk about it too much. You are just in sync

Yoga is love, love is Yoga. It is not about relationships, it is not just about love, it is a lifestyle program. It is educational, informative, a message that everybody can apply. It teaches you how to be a better person, so that you don’t just find the love of your life but learn to have better relationships with everyone.”

You are two amazing souls! I wish the check was for a million dollars and believe me, if I had that to give, I would give it. Many great things have happened since I started on your Yoga and Love program . Since doing this program I am acting and operating from my power center and much more effective in truly helping others. The internal shifts and empowerment that were taking place started to reflect in my circumstances and conditions started to shift and change where they had been stuck.” Read more…

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