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Peaceful Eating for Weight Release - IronSideClick Image To Visit SiteIf so, you’re not alone. We’ve been conditioned throughout our lives by the multi-billion dollar diet industry to believe that dieting, following strict food rules, and exercising a ton are the only ways to achieve weight loss. This is a total lie. The diet industry’s goal is to keep us trapped in the never-ending cycle of dieting, losing weight, gaining it back, and seeking another diet. Repeat. Even when you lose weight on a diet, it is designed to be difficult or impossible to maintain. 95% of dieters gain all their weight or more back within a year. This is what keeps the diet industry in business. As we have all experienced, each diet leads to an eventual binge because they simply are not sustainable.

The typical diet or quick fix costs $300-$1000 with no long term proven results whereas the program I am excited to tell you about is a fraction of that price and has shown proven sustained results!

I want you to know that it’s not your fault you haven’t lost weight and kept it off in the past on diets. I’ve worked in the Fitness and Wellness Industry for almost 10 years and have not once seen anyone on a diet lose weight and keep it off long term.

While struggling with my own weight problems a few years ago, I stumbled upon a revolutionary and little-known approach to weight loss that has nothing to do with what you eat and everything to do with creating a more peaceful relationship with food and mealtimes.

“I’d been through years of sports nutrition coaching, then counselling, then eating disorder clinics, and nothing helped me achieve a healthy relationship with food. You have finally changed my way of… Read more…

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