21-Day Health and Wellness Challenge

21-Day Health and Wellness ChallengeClick Image To Visit SiteThis is an easy to do program that uses holistic fitness and nutrition methods backed by modern sports science and psychology to help you end depression and start reclaiming your right to happiness today.

This is the main guide where I give my personal definition of Health and Wellness and what it means to live a lifestyle of Health and Wellness.

Meditation Guide Arguably the most important book in this series. In this book, I cover the basics of meditation and present a few techniques you can start using today to help you unlock more self-awareness, greater perception and, understanding of yourself.

Nutrition Guide No pun intended but this is the real meat and potatoes of the challenge. This is where the greatest amount of awesome takes place. For me, as a professional fitness trainer, it was a blast writing this book and I hope you get just as excited reading it as I had writing it.

Daily Devotional and Home Workout Guide This is going to be your official tour guide through the challenge. The Daily devotional provides day by day instruction for meditation and detailed instructions on which workouts you can do to help shape and tone your body

Beginners Gym Workout Guide (This is optional. You do NOT have to go to the gym to complete this challenge but if you are thinking about it, this will help you.)

Does the gym sound terrifying? Too many new things at once and you may not have a single idea what to do. Fear not, I’ve got you covered with the beginners gym workout guide.

"But wait, there’s more!" I’ve always wanted to say that, but seriously, this is the best part… Keep scrolling!

With the 21-Day Challenge, you get exclusive access to a Private Support Group… Read more…

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