Woman loses 17 pounds in 19 days. — The Hot Zone Formula

Woman loses 17 pounds in 19 days. — The Hot Zone FormulaClick Image To Visit SiteWhen I arrived at the holiday resort, little did I know that in just a few hours time, I’d be forced to dance half naked in front of several strangers with my flabby belly on show for everyone to see.

I’d been really looking forward to this weekend – It was a chance to let off some steam and unwind with some of my friends.

In fact, I was relieved to be away from home because I’d been going through a rough patch with my fiancé and needed some time away to think things through.

Unfortunately, things went downhill shortly after we arrived when I discovered that I’d be taking part in the middle eastern tradition of belly-dancing!

Sure, it was meant to be a bit of fun with the girls – but the very thought of my belly fat shaking uncontrollably scared the life out of me. And…

As you can imagine, I was feeling well and truly out of my comfort zone and the thought of making my belly dance for all to see scared the life out of me.

In truth, I’d struggled with my weight for years, but with things not going too well with my fiancé, I’d found comfort in eating on fast food and my belly had ballooned beyond control.

Unfortunately, behind closed doors things were far from fine and over the last year or so we’d both grown apart. Yet…

Neither of us wanted to admit that the relationship was over. Instead we would niggle at each other and row constantly.

It wasn’t until I put on the belly-dancing costume that I realized just how bad things had become…

I stepped outside to show the girls my costume, I felt so ashamed. Of course, my friends didn’t say anything about… Read more…

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