Downrange Density

Downrange DensityClick Image To Visit SiteCAVEAT: Although this program was used to train the three-time United States All-Army 3 Gun Champions, this program will not transform you into a marksman, soldier or operator. Even if you developed the same fitness levels of an operator, you would not become one. Operators are who they are because of their character, and uniquely because of their ability to sustain damage and not be deterred from their purpose. You would not believe what their willpower is capable of, so let this caveat state that this program has no claim of transforming you into an elite warrior.

You can develop strength of will through this program. But please never mistake theory for reality. This program involves the necessary physical exercise that establishes tactical fitness. You may think you’re capable of walking “downrange”, but you will never know until, like operators do, how you experience extreme violence and physical damage that would kill any other human, and choose, as a quiet professional, to keep going.

That caveat written : Downrange Density IS the type of comprehensive, methodical and meticulous program necessary for you to be able to physically recover from and rebuild for traumatic and overwhelming circumstances. Only your character can truly prepare you for those events: and your character is built and strengthened through the daily discipline of discomfort. Rigorously apply slight discomfort every day, and you may be prepared for adverse stress. To recover rapidly after it happens, and to rebuild from the damage it incurs, you will need a program like Downrange Density.

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