Start Swimming – 7 Day Swim

Start Swimming - 7 Day SwimClick Image To Visit SiteJustin is the real deal when it comes to swimming smarter. I made a ton of mistakes and assumptions before I took his online course and his videos are very easy and simple to understand. I recommend this course for any adult beginner who wants to swim or like myself needs individual attention!

Just wanted to give a shoutout to Justin and his amazing swimming course. I didn’t like group lessons at my local pool so I tried his online course and it has helped my swimming immensely. He gives you unlimited online support as well if you’re ever stuck or have a question which is great. Highly recommended!

Based on years and years of experience as a lifeguard, swim instructor and competitive swimmer my gift to you is my 7 step program which can make anyone swim like a pro!

Day 1 consists of 4 parts based on breathing and relaxation. In Part A we will learn proper breathing techniques by blowing bubbles. In Part B we will learn how to recover safely in the water. In Part C we will learn how to do a front float and finally in Part D we will learn how to do the back float.

Day 2 consists of 3 parts based on moving in the water using basic propulsion aka glides. In Part A we will learn how to execute a proper front glide. In Part B we will learn how to perform a perfect back glide. Finally In Part C we will learn how to combine both the front and back glide into a flip glide.

Day 3 consists of 3 parts where we can now apply kicking to our glides. In Part A we will learn and understand how to perform the front kick properly including common… Read more…

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