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Products - Workout StructureClick Image To Visit SiteFrom eBooks to equipment and training DVDs, we are in the market to motivate you to make good choices in the market – and in the gym.

A great resource that provides athletes and active individuals with a good overall summary of the broad (and at times overwhelming) discipline of performance nutrition. This guide offers many feasible options so athletes can find a more sensible, well-balanced combination of foods that works for them.

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A multi-phase DVD weight training program designed and successfully proven to prepare the body for the demands of tactical operators. This includes: military special operations pipeline training (ex. U.S. Navy SEALS), wildland or engine FIRE academies, law enforcement, and other federal agents, etc.

A comprehensive marching band fitness and wellness program professionally designed for use by college and high school competitive or show bands. This research-based program provides structured static and dynamic stretch routines, as well as instrument group- specific strength routines, complete with audiovisual cues for their implementation. The program also offers educational resources for nutrition, hydration, along with information on footwear and injury prevention and performing in heat & cold stress environments. Many of its concepts & findings were presented at the 2013 CBDNA symposium.

A/C Shoulder Bands are a simple and effective tool for providing optimal resistance to overhead sports athletes for purposes of injury prevention and strength maintenance around the shoulder joint.

Put together by a professional strength and conditioning specialist, the A/C Shoulder Bands come packaged with a series of recommended exercises that help to prevent shoulder impingement and maintain joint range of motion while strengthening functional rotator cuff muscles and improving scapular stability.

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