The Metabolic Reboot

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Are You Tired Of Dieting Only To Hit Wall After Wall, Watching Your Weight Loss Stall Out And Die… Only To Put That Weight Right Back On When You Return To Your Normal Living?

… How I’ve lost 115 pounds over 15 years ago and kept it off but it hasn’t always been easy…

… And how I “stole” and tweaked my wife Sabrina’s diet to lose those last 9 pounds in only 10 days…

Well, you’re not alone because this is what happens on pretty much every traditional diet since modern dieting was invented back in the 19th century.

But when you feel like you’ve tried pretty much everything out there with little to no success, what do you change so that you can…

1. Lose that seemingly stubborn fat quickly so you can see and feel the results and stay motivated, and…

2. Not destroy your metabolism in the process and regain that weight back like you have in the past?

Sure, I could release this program based upon just our results, many of the gurus out there release programs just based on their ideas, but I just couldn’t sleep at night if I did that.

In it, you eat real, whole foods that can be bought in any grocery store (and that don’t have to be organic).

Again, no goofy stuff here like drinking pickle juice or whatever – just eating real food following my 7 “Rules.” (#5 and #7 are probably the most important.)

Here you’ll forget about “losing weight” and simply concentrate on maintaining your new, leaner body. 

(And remember, because I’ve lost so much weight, and used… Read more…

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