Bringing The NET Into Network Marketing – Bringing The Net into Network Marketing

Bringing The NET Into Network Marketing - Bringing The Net into Network MarketingClick Image To Visit SiteHey, Steve Smith here and I want to welcome you to “Bringing the NET into NETwork Marketing” Before we get into that, I want to tell you a little about myself.

I’ve had the pleasure to be part on the Networking marketing Industry for over 20 years. I was presented with a Network marketing opportunity at a time in my life where I was well to put it bluntly financially challenged.
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Blogging Guru Blueprint

Blogging Guru BlueprintClick Image To Visit SiteBlogging Guru Blueprint is a very powerful and comprehensive training program. It even includes all of the neccessary video tutorials related to WordPress to setup your blog – STEP-BY-STEP.  But here’s what happened… WordPress updated it’s version and because of that, the walkthrough videos are not 100% the same right now. I mean, WordPress changes it’s icons, themes, etc. Although the steps are still the same, but the design is a bit different. So instead of us recording all of the videos again, we’re going to offer 50% discount for you. So it becomes win-win (thanks to WordPress :)).

For Those Who Wants To Make An Extra $1,000 – $5,000 Part-Time Income By Blogging With No Experience…
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Traffic Kings: Powerful And FREE Ways To Maximize Your Website Traffic!

Traffic Kings: Powerful And FREE Ways To Maximize Your Website Traffic!Click Image To Visit SiteStop wasting time and money struggling to generate traffic to your website. Follow a PROVEN strategy for claiming your share of UNLIMITED traffic!

Dear Friend, There is one indisputable fact when it comes to online business. Without traffic to your website or sales pages, you will NEVER make money online. There’s no getting around it, traffic is the lifeblood to every successful online business.. You know this by now, and you’re sick and tired of the watered down strategies that constantly over-complicate everything, leaving you absolutely frustrated and confused, while you’re still stuck in first gear, not knowing what to do next. You need to make money online, and you believe that if you only had a way to jump-start traffic to your site, everything would change for you. You’re not alone. Being able to generate consistent traffic to our websites is quite often the ONLY road block standing in the way between complete failure and unbelievable success. And with so many different traffic strategies and options out there, it’s almost impossible to figure out which one is worth pursuing. After all, there are only so many hours in the day, right? How could we possibly master every traffic generation strategy being taught online? We need a better plan, a surefire strategy that focuses only on PROVEN results. What if I told you that there are sources of traffic that are so incredibly valuable that you would actually only need a SMALL share of it to actually MAKE MORE MONEY than any other campaign you could ever create? And what if I told you that these incredible traffic strategies wouldn’t cost you anything at all? It’s true! There really are FREE strategies out there that will produce mind-blowing results in as little as a few short days… Read more…

Best Amazon Affiliate Theme for WordPress – Ultimate Azon Theme

Best Amazon Affiliate Theme for WordPress - Ultimate Azon ThemeClick Image To Visit SiteEverything you wished a theme would do for this type of site is now accomplished within this awesome theme. I know – because I’ve built plenty of these types of sites and Dave was kind enough to ask for my input and implement everything I told him I would want in a theme and much more. I highly recommend that you do yourself a favor and check out the unique features in this one-of-a-kind WordPress theme.

I run a niche website and I managed to improve its conversion rate by 20% after installing UAT. It takes some work if you previously have a big amount of content, but it’s definitely worthy. I highly recommend trying UAT in any niche website, specially if starting the project from ground zero. It’s a MUST if you work with Amazon or any similar affiliate program.
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205 high traffic shopify store affiliate programs

205 high traffic shopify store affiliate programsClick Image To Visit SiteThere are 1762 of the 37900 websites hosted by shopify that mention affiliate. Out of the 300 of those with the most traffic, there were 205 found to have an affiliate (or referral) program.

This is the results from the 205 stores with the most traffic: 101 on specified affiliate networks 85 in-house affiliate programs 11 email to sign up (in-house or on a network) 8 referral programs (in most cases payment by store credit)
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Advertise on Android

Advertise on AndroidClick Image To Visit SiteOur Step by Step Video Guide will show you how to set up Proximity Beacons yourself, on your own Free Account. That means you would have Full Control over the 40 Character Message and the Secure Website Link, just like you would when paying a monthly subscription fee anywhere else. Once you get everything set up correctly, all you would do is login, make changes to the 40 character message and secure website link and click save. This will allow you to change the notification instantly without waiting up to 24 hours for them to be "processed". No more wondering if your message will be "approved", Take Full Control of your Proximity Marketing efforts and Save Almost $500 each year! In the Members Area, we show you how to have your notification Open an App instead of just a Browser, that will also put a notification on their "Lock Screen" and in the "Status Bar" at the top as well. This is a GAME CHANGER because people are more likely to click on a notification to open an App versus a website URL when they don’t know who put the notification on their phone. Our tests have shown on average that clicks are about twice as much as the regular notifications. Instead of paying $49 per month for a subscription anywhere else, you can get Lifetime Access to our  Exclusive Members Area for a low one time payment of just $89.95! Let’s break the cost down a little bit: You could pay $89.95 for the Members Area + buy 3 Beacons at $17/each (purchased directly from the manufacturer) = $140.95 total. Compare that to paying $600-$2,300 over the course of One Year for those other companies, it just doesn’t make sense going anywhere else! 

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